The Unique Bull Spider

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The Unique Bull Spider

We have the most amazing and weird insects in the world, which we have never heard of.
One of the most weird arachnid is witnessed, which is generally found in southeast Asia.

It is known as BULL’S HORNED SPIDER. These are also known as Macrcantha. It is one of the unique
species in spider family with long bull’s horn on his head. And the reason for these horns are for the
protection from predatory birds that swallow them. But these are poisonous to humans. O. Hannah, a pet breeder based in Thailand documents all his pets and shares revealing information about them too.

Shrinanda Kothari

Shrinanda Kothari
A Mass Media student at Mumbai university. A Journalism intern at Karmactive. Her interests are writing, reporting, anchoring. Her hobbies, cooking and baking, listening music, travelling.

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