Roof Tiles & Bird Homes
Source - Klaas Kuiken

Roof Tiles & Bird Homes, Both In One

Our planet can be harsh sometimes hence shelter is very essential sometimes. Everyone keeps finding shelters for them or creating their own to protect their loved ones. Houses for humans, grasslands for animals, nests for birds. But sometimes birds are unable to get shelter due to many natural or man made conditions. A new type of roof tiles are hitting the European markets. These special roof tiles have dual functions, they serve as roof tiles as well as offer homes to urban birds.

Roof tiles offer sustainable protection to our roof, and our homes. Roof tiles help the roof to survive the harsh weather conditions, keep out the rain and protect the home. A roof tile can last more than 100 years, especially when installed in the right climate. Clay and concrete roof tiles have been known to withstand hail, high winds, and even fire. Unlike wood, a roof tile will never decay. Hitit Terra has been making clay tiles since the 1940s. Their clay roofs have been a part of the Turkish skyline for many decades. Hitit Terra’s roofing tiles not only helps to keep homes protected but also of birds.Their roofing tiles are homes to many birds who save themselves from the scorching sun, breezy wind and the rainy days. These mini homes provide shelters to many homeless birds and a sigh of relief.

Klaas Kuiken, a Dutch product designer has innovated a similar roof tile but with his unique design sensibility. His design even incorporates comfy nesting baskets made from wood. He partnered with Vogelbescherming Nederland while designing the rooftop tile. Vogelbescherming Nederland work for the conservation of wild birds in Netherland. In urban habitats where there are very few trees or other spots for birds to build their nests, Klass Kuiken & Hitit Terra have provided a sustainable option of a secure bird home. These are very stronger than their weaker counterparts like nests which blow out so easily due to rains, wind or by some other reasons. These roofs are permanent and have no chance of getting quenched. They also give assurance of their shade and their life. Nests are everything for these feathered friends and when they get flushed out, they are left with nothing. These small little tile houses are a step ahead in conserving the many urban dwelling birds.

Source – Klaas Kuiken

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