UK Heatwave – 104 Degrees Fahrenheit And More

The UK made meteorological history, when temperatures hit 40 degrees Celsius in several locations for the first time ever recorded in the UK. The thermometer in Surrey, England, reported a preliminary reading of 39.1 degrees Celsius (102.4 degrees Fahrenheit), the hottest temperature ever recorded in the United Kingdom. However, it was a day of scorching records in Britain. 

 In a nation unprepared for such extremes, the stifling weather has interrupted transport, healthcare, and educational activities. The first “red” warning for excessive heat in England was extending from London in the south to Manchester and Leeds in the north. London’s streets had less traffic as people followed recommendations to avoid the sun and trains either did not run at all or operated at a slow pace out of concern for the stability of the tracks.

Neil Armstrong, the head of the Met Office, stated, “People need to prepare for the heat and think about modifying their habits as the UK continues to experience extreme temperatures. There may be negative health repercussions from this amount of heat. The probability of thunderstorms is now rising along with the high heat. Many Londoners were searching for somewhere to escape the heat as they melted in the city’s record-breaking temperatures. But the choices were limited. People gathered around Brighton, a well known coastal town to escape the hottest day in British history.

Studies indicate that the chance of temperatures in the UK hitting 40 degree Celsius is now 10 times higher than it was in the pre-industrial age, prompting climate scientists to warn that global warming has increased the frequency of extreme weather occurrences.

Hot weather in southern Europe has caused wildfires to break out in Spain, Portugal, and France. In Spain and Portugal, where temperatures hit 47 degree Celsius, there have been over 600 heat-related fatalities reported.

Water businesses are seeing significant demand during this unusually hot weather, said Peter Jenkins, Director of Campaigns at Water UK. By being attentive of the quantity of water we use while making sure we keep hydrated and safe, we can all do our part to guarantee there is enough for everyone.

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