TITSA Transforms Canary Islands Transit with Scania’s Large Hybrid Bus Fleet

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TITSA Electric Bus Solltuon

In a notable move towards sustainable public transport, Transportes Interurbanos de Tenerife S.A.U. (TITSA) has made a significant investment in hybrid buses from Scania. This order includes 231 buses, 173 of which are hybrid-electric, marking a considerable expansion of TITSA’s already Scania-dominated fleet. This deal elevates TITSA’s hybrid fleet to 291 vehicles, positioning it as one of the largest hybrid bus fleets in Spain and Portugal.

TITSA, the sole public bus service provider on Tenerife Island, annually accommodates over 60 million passengers, traversing more than 35 million kilometers across 180 bus lines. The addition of these new buses underscores TITSA’s dedication to eco-friendly transportation.

Pedro Gómez, TITSA’s Technical Director, highlighted Scania’s adaptability to their needs, citing vehicle quality, maintenance, accessibility, customer service, and fuel efficiency as key factors in their choice. Alberto Linares from Scania praised TITSA’s commitment to sustainability, emphasizing the importance of reducing carbon footprints and caring for the environment.

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Scania’s four-year guarantee on the buses and a seven-year warranty for the hybrid batteries reflect confidence in their product. The delivery schedule is set for 135 units in 2024 and the remaining 96 in 2025. Spanish company Castrosua will handle the buses’ bodywork.

Scania’s approach to public transport focuses on diverse solutions including battery-electric, hybrid-electric, and renewable fuel options, all customizable to meet specific operational and sustainability needs.

This development is more than a business transaction; it’s a step forward in sustainable public transport, showcasing TITSA and Scania’s shared vision for a greener future.

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