These Living Structures Give Out Clean Air: CityTree and CityBreeze

Green City Solutions as a company promotes clean air and believes in the idea of combining nature with technology. GCS was founded in March 2014 by Peter Sãnger and Zhengliang Wu. Together they have developed biotech filters known as CityTree and CityBreeze. Through GCS they help people in highly populated places to enjoy clearer air and thus a better health and quality of life.

The CityTree and CityBreeze have a wide range of applications. The CityTree is a combination of street furniture and biofilter – a bench at the bottom, a moss-covered surface at the top, and complex technology with an IoT interface inside. This opens up further application possibilities, e.g. in the areas of smart city, (e-mobility) infrastructure and communication.

It is an innovative solution that can provide clean air immediately and lead to a healthier life for people in highly polluted urban environments. The CityBreeze combines natural air filtration with digital presentation technology.

On one side there is a green, vitalizing moss wall with active filter technology and on the other a 75“ LED screen. The combination, unusual at first glance, makes sense: both information and advertising as well as the selective improvement of air quality is placed where as many people as possible react and benefit. Both CityTree and CityBreeze are installed with moss filters.

These active moss filters can remove up to 82% of fine dust from the air, measurably improving the air in the immediate vicinity. The CityTree is never “full”, as the fine dust is converted to natural biomass by the moss. Mosses thrive under controlled conditions in the moss farm up to 16× faster than in nature.

Air pollution is one of the world‘s biggest environmental issues, responsible for 1 in 7 deaths. Green City Solutions‘ products contribute to this by helping people in particularly polluted urban areas to enjoy cleaner air and thus better health and quality of life.

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