The Trash-Eating Water Wheel: Baltimore’s Beloved Mr.Trash Wheel and the Order of the Wheel

April 7, 2023
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Mr.Trash Wheel is loved by Baltimore as he gives his devotees a chance to prove their worth. Now membership in the (not exactly) exclusive, (not quite) secret society, the Order of the Wheel, is open. Those who apply can pledge their allegiance to the wheel & demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship.

The worthiness & veracity of said stewardship are judged by Mr.Trash Well, & if the applicant passes muster, they are admitted to the Order of the Wheel. Now, hopefuls can even apply online. A pin, a secret code name, a certificate, & info on the secret handshake are given to inductees.

A part of the induction process is member-only communications from Mr.Trash Wheel. Paused in 2019, membership is now open to new members. The Order of the Wheel has always been limited to certain periods for applications.

An offering of trash is made to Mr.Trash Wheel by high-ranking members. Trash is the food of Mr. Trash Wheel. Last month, Mr. Wheel delivered an ancient scroll that proclaimed that the application period for the Order of the Wheel was to be reopened.

Mr.Trash Wheel’s message was shared by cloaked figures with a scroll “older than time itself”, in a video on Instagram. A water wheel is a Mr.Trash wheel that “eats” detritus floating in the stream. The Wheel, a part of the nonprofit Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore Healthy Harbor Initiative, has become a cherished symbol of Charm City since its 2014 inception. Mr.Trash Wheel’s operations are overseen by Adam Linquist, MCP 10, Vice President of the Healthy Harbor Initiative.

It’s the task of Mr Trash Wheel to clean the waterways that feed Baltimore’s Inner Harbor as well as serve as a spoke wheel for the project. Oscar the Grouch, of the Sesame Street neighborhood, has been reached out to by Baltimore Fishbowl, given he is a leading trash expert.

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