The Squirting Cucumber Seed Explosion

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The most beautiful things are the most poisonous ones. Giving meaning to this, the Squirting Cucumber is a Cucurbitale with the extraordinary characteristic of explosively squirting its seeds upon reaching maturity. The irony of nature is perfectly accentuated by the beauty of the plant in conflict with the deadly poison it constitutes. The squirting Cucumber, though poisonous, has been the subject of curiosity for a long time, and after watching this remarkable clip, captured by @mathieugaudreault, a horticulture teacher, botany lover, and beekeeper from Canada, we have certainly come to truly appreciate nature.

Riva Surana

Graduating Highschool, Riva is on her way to college to study Media. Besides reading and writing, she is into reading novels, social work and fashion.

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