Fire attack on Tesla's Berlin Factory.
Fire attack on Tesla's Berlin Factory. Photo Credit: Alex (Twitter aka X)

Tesla’s Berlin Plant Encounters Arson Attack by ‘Volcano Group’, Costs Millions and Cuts Local Power

March 7, 2024
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Following a suspected arson attack, at Teslas Gigafactory in Berlin Brandenburg the production operations faced disruptions. The incident, allegedly carried out by a group known as Vulkangruppe Tesla Abschalten (Volcano Group) involved setting fire to an electricity pylon leading to a power outage and halting factory activities. Tesla, an electric vehicle manufacturer emphasized the impact on its business estimating losses of hundreds of millions of euros due to the disruption. The factory plays a role in Teslas market presence with an annual capacity of approximately 500,000 electric vehicles. Aside from setbacks the disruption affected around 12,500 employees. Caused inconveniences for the local community in Brandenburg due to power outages extending to neighboring areas.

Elon Musk, known for his outspoken nature, Tesla’s CEO publicly criticized the perpetrators, on media (X/Twitter) labeling them as either misinformed eco activists or individuals opposing genuine environmental objectives. The irony lies in targeting an electric vehicle manufacturer that is viewed as integral to transitioning from fossil fuel transportation systems. 

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The concerns raised align with conversations surrounding the implications of electric vehicles (EVs) particularly regarding the production of batteries and the acquisition of materials such, as nickel, cobalt and lithium essential, for battery cells. These materials are often extracted in ways that raise environmental concerns.

This incident is not unique; rather, it is a part of a pattern of deliberate attacks on Tesla and the vehicle market in general. Past events in Europe include tire cutting and car deflation, indicating an increasing amount of environmental activists monitoring the industry. In addition, Tesla’s Gigafactory has been a source of controversy because of its excessive use of groundwater in an area experiencing drought and deteriorating the situation further with plans to clear forests in order to expand the factory operations.

It is obvious that a balanced strategy is needed to address environmental issues without stalling the development of greener technologies. But, the attack on Tesla’s Gigafactory also brings attention to the complex discussion around the environmental effects of the EV industry, as the globe makes its way toward a more environmentally friendly future.

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