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Stripping Naked to Stop the Fur Industry: Animanaturalis’ Fight Against the Fur Industry

Animanaturalis activists took drastic action to highlight the cruelty of the fur industry, stripping naked on a busy street in Madrid and lying on the ground covered in fake blood. Holding a sign that read “How many lives for a coat?”, the group endured temperatures of just 3 degrees to demonstrate the suffering of the animals that are killed for the purpose of fashion.

Eliana Guerrero, the Animanaturalis Coordinator, said that the action was intended to make the public aware of the terrible conditions faced by animals. She explained that each year, more than 60 million animals are killed for their fur, often being electrocuted, gassed, or skinned alive.

The activists also sought to raise awareness of the Fur Free Europe campaign, an initiative launched in 2022 with the goal of banning fur farming in Europe. In doing so, they hoped to draw attention to the senseless cruelty of the fur industry and to encourage people to stand up against such appalling practices.

Animanaturalis is an international environmental organization based in Spain, founded in 1997 with the mission of protecting animals and their natural habitats. It works on a variety of conservation projects at the local, national, and global levels, including campaigns against animal captivity, ecological preservation, and the promotion of sustainable farming methods.

Animanaturalis was founded by a group of animal lovers and activists, who wanted to use their collective voice to protect animals, the environment, and promote animal welfare. Initially, Animanaturalis focused its work on Spain, with campaigns to end animal testing and promote the conservation of endangered species. However, its activities have quickly expanded across Europe and beyond, with a focus on animal protection, advocacy, and education.

Animanaturalis has been successful in its campaigns, having achieved notable victories in the past. One of its most significant victories was the passage of the Spanish Animal Protection Law in 2015, which provided legal recognition of animal rights and established higher standards of animal welfare in Spain. Additionally, they have been lobbying for stricter animal testing laws in Europe, and have been successful in creating numerous educational programs and campaigns to raise awareness about animal rights and environmental issues.

As a result of its work, Animanaturalis has become an established voice in animal welfare and environmental conservation, and is well respected among activists, academics, and NGOs worldwide.

Animanaturalis has staged numerous nude protests in Spain and other countries. The protests are meant to draw attention to the suffering of animals in the food industry and the negative environmental impact of the industry.

The protests started in 2017, when several dozen Activists gathered in Madrid to pose nude in the city center. Since then, the group has organized protests in various Spanish cities. The protests typically involve dozens of Activists, who stand in public places with signs or banners bearing slogans such as “Animals Are Not Food”.

The protests have become increasingly creative, with activists staging nude protests in various locations and locations, such as on the steps of the Spanish Parliament and in front of a slaughterhouse. The protests have attracted attention from both the general public and the media and has become a powerful symbol of the animal rights movement in Spain.

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