Rumo Launches Hybrid Locomotives, A Milestone in Sustainable Brazilian Railway Operations

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Rumo, Brazil’s top railway operator, is making a significant move in sustainable rail transport by incorporating two hybrid EMD® GT38H locomotives from Progress Rail. These innovative locomotives blend a diesel-electric system with battery packs, offering a potential 45% cut in fuel consumption. This technology aligns with Rumo’s commitment to eco-friendly operations, marking a key advancement in their rail network.

The hybrid locomotives’ initial journey will commence in October 2023, covering the Guarapuava to Desvio Ribas track in Paraná. This six-month trial aims to assess the locomotives’ performance on this specific route, considering track characteristics.

Marcus Jorge, Rumo’s Maintenance Director, emphasizes the strategic value of these hybrids. They’re not just fuel-efficient; they also promise reduced emissions of particulate matter, nitrous oxide, and lower noise levels. The integration of a Cat® 3512 engine enhances these benefits.

Progress Rail, a Caterpillar division, has invested heavily in this project, viewing it as a crucial part of the global energy transition. Their focus on diverse energy solutions, including hydrogen, battery, and electric technologies, is evident in these hybrid locomotives.

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These units aren’t just about fuel savings. They also feature a regenerative braking system, turning kinetic energy into electrical energy to recharge the batteries. This adds to the locomotive’s efficiency, aligning battery use with power needs automatically. Other perks include heightened reliability, safety, and ergonomic design, with remote monitoring capabilities for proactive maintenance.

Rodrigo Rampinelli from Rumo highlights the suitability of these hybrids for the challenging South Network tracks, known for their mountainous terrain and sharp curves. These compact locomotives can maneuver these tracks without the need for modifications.

Beyond the operational benefits, these locomotives represent a step forward in technology for the rail industry, particularly for high-density operations like the Malha Norte corridor. Rumo’s initiative with these hybrids is a significant stride in rail transportation, offering a greener, more efficient solution without sacrificing performance.

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