Rodiaq: Skoda’s Revolutionary All-Electric Mobile Office and Camper Concept

July 2, 2023
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The Skoda Vocational School has been providing high-quality training for the automotive industry since its establishment in 1927. Over the years, approximately 24,000 apprentices have successfully graduated from the Skoda Vocational School. The school offers both three-year and four-year training courses to its students. Their newest work is a mobile office and camper named the Rodiaq.

The students at the Skoda Vocational School have been involved in developing unique vehicles for the past nine years. These projects aim to provide practical experience and insights into various departments of the company. The ninth concept car created by the students is based on the all-electric Skoda Enyaq.

A team of 29 apprentices dedicated over 2,000 working hours over nine months to complete the project. The Enyaq was transformed into a mobile office and camper named the Rodiaq. The Rodiaq caters to digital nomads and offers a sustainable, purely electric all-wheel-drive solution for travel, work, and leisure. It features a 27-inch monitor, a docking station, and a permanent internet connection for a complete mobile office experience.

The interior can be easily transformed into a living environment with a bed and a small kitchen. The Rodiaq’s powertrain consists of two electric motors, providing a total output of 230 kW and ample range for both on and off-road exploration. The exterior of the Rodiaq underwent significant modifications, including a new roof structure and a tailgate designed for tent attachment.

The vehicle retains the dimensions of the Enyaq but has a longer wheelbase and increased ground clearance. Inside the Rodiaq, there are various amenities such as chairs, tables, cups, and glasses to create a comfortable home away from home. Additional features include a wireless speaker, a solar-powered shower, kitchen appliances, and an espresso machine.

The Rodiaq offers ample storage space to accommodate essentials for camping trips. The interior design incorporates 100% recycled textiles, ensuring recyclability at the end of the vehicle’s lifecycle. Skoda collaborated with Cargodesign and KPS Automobile to create practical interior fittings for the Rodiaq. The concept showcases the potential for future campers that cater to the needs of contemporary remote workers. The Rodiaq’s exterior is finished in a striking two-tone Emerald Green and Moon White paint.

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The vehicle rides on 21-inch Supernova alloy wheels from the Enyaq range. The left-rear door handle was removed to enhance privacy in the sleeping area, and a camping socket was added for external power supply. The Rodiaq’s interior features a built-in 27-inch monitor with an integrated docking station, along with additional light sources and sockets.

Skoda’s apprentices ensured that the Rodiaq offers plenty of storage spaces and ample natural light through side windows and a skylight. The concept vehicle incorporates various equipment and accessories for entertainment, leisure, and adventurous pursuits. The Rodiaq concept exemplifies Skoda’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and meeting the evolving needs of modern travelers.


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