Ranch Near Joshua Tree Becomes a Target for Social Media Influencers

March 8, 2023
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Brown established the Mojave Moon Ranch, a luxury Airbnb, just outside Joshua Tree National Park, and delegated South African artist Daniel Popper to create an artwork for the property.

The result of their art collaboration was “Transmission,” a 28-foot-tall concrete statue of hands and a head with a crescent moon cutting out on the forehead.

Despite immense online appreciation, praises from publications and being added to Google Maps as a cultural landmark, “Transmission” managed to also attracted a large number of trespassers who literally ruined Brown’s property and the surrounding land.

Brown created a spotlight on Sunfair Road for the public to experience and take pictures and videos of “Transmission,” but eventually had to setup fences and even hire security guards to avoid further damage.

California has been in news for failing to handle crowds of tourists damaging natural resources, and Brown is taking a stricter approach by reserving close viewing of “Transmission” to guests of the ranch and enforcing a $20,000 fee or fine for illegal entry.

Despite all the troubles, Brown is grateful for the people who appreciate “Transmission” as a piece of art and support her property and creation.

“Transmission” was originally meant to represent unity between humans and nature, but now it has became a symbol of human disrespect for nature.

Brown is very saddened by the lack of respect and disregard by trespassers who happen to be mainly social media influencers.

Brown sees the destruction caused by Instagram & Tiktok influencers and the public as a reflection of current day human nature rebelling against the unity and respect that “Transmission” represents.

Brown hopes that by taking actions to protect “Transmission,” she can bring in awareness about the need to respect and preserve natural resources and artistic creations.

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