Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Electrifies the Uncharted, Scaling Record-Breaking Tibetan Altitudes with Unstoppable Spirit!

October 7, 2023
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Taycan Cross Turismo

Embarking on an electrifying journey, the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo etched its name into the Guinness World Records on September 12, 2023, conquering a staggering altitude change atop Tibet’s Hongtu Daban. Spanning 2,783 kilometers from China’s lowest point, Ayding Lake, to a breathtaking 5,355.134 meters above sea level, the 10-day adventure from Xinjiang to Tibet was anything but a smooth ride. The Taycan, while showcasing its formidable off-road capabilities and enduring comfort across desolate regions, also faced its fair share of challenges, navigating through a kaleidoscope of climates and terrains.

Taycan Cross Turismo

The team, experiencing everything from scorching 70°C surface temperatures to icy roads and a desolate 5,000-meter-high no-man’s land, found a reliable companion in the Taycan 4 Cross Turismo. Its adaptability was put to the test, meeting each geographical and meteorological challenge head-on and providing a series of unparalleled experiences. The journey, while an extreme challenge, aimed to inspire drivers towards “better road trips” – offering immersive, untamed, and cherished zero-emission driving experiences.

Navigating through iconic locations like the Tomur Grand Canyon and the G219 National Highway, the Taycan Cross Turismo demonstrated its stability amidst swirling sand and skittering stones on treacherous dirt and gravel roads. The vehicle’s energy management system, EnjoyElec, empowered the car to traverse a 760-km stretch of no-man’s land in the Kunlun and Tianshan mountains over four days, even amidst sudden rain and unexpected snow. The intelligent thermal management system ensured optimal operating temperature, maintaining high charging efficiency even in harsh conditions.

The Taycan Cross Turismo, while proving to be a trustworthy travel companion, capable of managing the fatigue of long distances, also had to navigate literal and metaphorical bumps during the journey. The team was treated to an endless stream of sensory experiences, from boundless deserts and majestic snow-capped mountains to lush forests and vibrant wetlands, offering more than just Instagram moments.

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The two-speed transmission ensured efficient operation, whether overtaking or driving continuously at high speeds, positively impacting energy consumption. Surprisingly, the range gradually increased when the team drove the cars over a pass with an altitude of more than 4,000 m, as the energy recuperation – of up to 275 kW – came into play on the long descent, aiding the vehicles to travel further.

Taycan Cross Turismo

The Taycan Cross Turismo was able to charge at the upper limit of the power output of various DC and AC charging points along the way, thanks to Porsche’s proven 800 V architecture, and operated efficiently during the so-called trickle charge time at a later stage, reducing the overall charging time. The journey provided an opportunity to showcase how the possibilities for sustainable travel and sports car ownership will be amplified as the world transitions to a more electrified and sustainable future.

Taycan Cross Turismo

The record-breaking altitude change brought dramatic changes in temperature, air pressure, geological conditions, and other surprises from the natural world. The Taycan Cross Turismo’s chassis systems and power units responded quickly and smoothly, enabling the vehicles to not only get by but get by steadily. The cars traveled through all four seasons of the year in 10 days, demonstrating the Taycan’s adaptability and resilience in various weather conditions. Real-time monitoring of the factors affecting internal and external power consumption provided a practical basis for the team to plan ahead and move on to the next charging point with confidence. The journey, while focusing on the finish line, was also about everything the team might encounter along the way, providing more than just a record-breaking event but a series of memorable and enriching experiences.

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