Permanent Life at Sea: Storylines Launches MV Narrative Residential Ship

February 10, 2023
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Source - Storyline

Storylines, a Croatia-based cruise company, is aiming to make permanent life at sea a viable option with the launch of MV Narrative, its new residential ship, in late 2024. The floating community will have 547 residences, including fully furnished studios, apartments ranging from one to four bedrooms, and two-story penthouses. The residences will be sold at a price ranging from just shy of $1 million to $8 million and can be rented out or sold at the owner’s discretion. A yearly fee ranging from $65,000 to $200,000 will be charged for meals, amenities, and maintenance, with food and experiences the only expenses during time ashore.

Storylines was founded by two real estate and construction experts in 2016, and MV Narrative is intended to be more of a lifestyle choice than a prolonged vacation. The ship will have 20 restaurants, a 10,000-book library, three pools, a garden, a bowling alley, a fitness area, and a microbrewery, among other features. There will also be a post office, hospital, school, bank, and office spaces to create a feeling of a city at sea.

MV Narrative will embark on its 1,000-night maiden voyage in late 2024, visiting six continents and stopping at various ports for one to five days at a time. The slow travel schedule is part of Storylines’ sustainable travel initiative, which includes waste-to-energy technology, hydroponic garden for growing vegetables, and a commitment to using biodegradable or reusable items.

While extended world cruises and luxury residences at sea are becoming more popular, they often come with a high price tag, making them inaccessible to many cruise lovers. However, Storylines’ residential community at sea offers a more affordable option, with prices starting at $400,000 and rising to $8 million.

This new residential community at sea offers cruise lovers the chance to fulfill their dream of living on a ship permanently, with the added bonus of being able to explore the world and vote on destinations along the way. With its affordable prices, sustainable travel initiative, and a wide range of amenities and services, MV Narrative is set to be the floating city of the future.

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