Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang Proclaims AI’s Triumph Over the Digital Divide

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Source- Computex

Nvidia Corp CEO Jensen Huang declares that artificial intelligence (AI) has bridged the “digital divide,” allowing anyone to become a computer programmer simply by speaking to the computer. Nvidia has emerged as the world’s most valuable listed semiconductor company by supplying chips and computing systems for AI. The company’s second-quarter revenue forecast exceeds Wall Street estimates by more than 50% due to the soaring demand for its AI chips.

Jensen Huang highlights the revolutionary impact of AI on computing during his speech at the Computex forum in Taipei. Huang’s occasional use of Mandarin or Taiwanese words during his speech delights the crowd. Each computing era has brought new possibilities, and artificial intelligence qualifies as a significant leap forward, according to Huang.

Huang emphasizes that the programming barrier is now incredibly low, making everyone a programmer through simple voice commands to the computer. Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang asserts that AI has eliminated the “digital divide” and made computer programming accessible to all.

Nvidia, as a leading supplier of AI chips, has become the world’s most valuable listed semiconductor company. The company’s strong revenue forecast for the second quarter exceeds Wall Street estimates. Nvidia’s AI chips power services like ChatGPT and similar platforms. Huang demonstrates the capabilities of AI, showcasing how a program can generate a short pop song with just a few words of instruction.

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Nvidia unveils new applications, including a partnership with advertising group WPP to create generative AI-enabled content for digital advertising. Nvidia’s collaboration with WPP, the world’s largest advertising group is a significant development. Huang mentions the rapid growth of AI due to its ease of use, asserting that it will impact every industry.

Nvidia’s chips have enabled companies like Microsoft to incorporate human-like chat features into search engines such as Bing. Huang demonstrates AI’s potential by getting a program to write a short pop song praising Nvidia with minimal instructions. Nvidia faces challenges in meeting the high demand for its AI chips, as mentioned by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who has plans for an AI startup and compares obtaining the company’s GPUs to acquiring drugs.

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