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Non-Tesla EV Owners Can Now Join Tesla’s Charging Membership with Latest App Update

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The newest update to the Tesla app, version 4.19, adds several new key features, like the “Drive on Sunshine” feature and more details about charging speeds and capacity. The “Drive on Sunshine” feature allows Tesla owners with a solar system to use excess solar energy to charge their vehicle, representing a new form of clean energy charging.

Non-Tesla EV owners can now sign up for Tesla’s charging membership through the app, giving them access to the same charging rate as Tesla owners at Supercharger stations. Tesla recently began setting up its Supercharger network for non-Tesla EVs in the US and preparing to expand charging to most Superchargers in the country.

The latest app update also includes more information regarding charging, including how much battery capacity is unavailable during cold weather. Tesla’s next-gen supercharger was also recently spotted in the Netherlands, offering fast charging and a newer design.

Despite these positive developments, Tesla is presently under investigation for reports that the Model Y steering wheel is falling off. The new app update represents Tesla’s persistent efforts to widen its charging network and provide innovative new features for its customers. As Tesla continues to move forward with its electric vehicle technology, it still remains a leader in the industry and a popular choice for eco-conscious drivers.

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