Nissan Electrifies Beijing: Debuts Four Concept Cars, Plans Five NEVs for China by 2026

April 28, 2024
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Nissan unveils four NEV concepts at Beijing motor show
Nissan unveils four NEV concepts at Beijing motor show. Photo Credit: Nissan Motor

On April 25, 2024, Nissan Motor Corporation introduced four new energy vehicle (NEV) concept cars during the press day of the “Beijing Motor Show 2024” and announced plans to launch five NEV models in the Chinese market by fiscal year 2026. The newly unveiled concept cars include two electric vehicles (EVs) and two plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs), designed to meet the future mobility needs of Chinese users.

At the Nissan booth, in addition to the concept cars, a full lineup of electric vehicles equipped with the latest electrification technology was displayed. The EV concept cars “Hyper Force” and “Hyper Punk,” which were exhibited at last year’s Japan Mobility Show, made their debut in China. Additionally, Nissan’s Formula E Gen3 machine, participating in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, was also on display.

Nissan’s Connected Services “Nissan Connect” evolves! Features operable via app have doubled. In March 2024, Nissan unveiled a new business strategy named “The Arc,” where it proposed to refresh 73% of its vehicle lineup in China, one of its core markets, and introduce eight NEV models, including four previously announced. This announcement adds one more NEV model under the Nissan brand. Furthermore, Nissan announced plans to collaborate with Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) companies to further the electrification and intellectualization of its cars.

During the press conference held on April 25 at the Beijing Show, Nissan’s President and CEO, Makoto Uchida, emphasized, “To achieve sustainable growth in the rapidly changing Chinese market, Nissan is committed to a China-tailored strategy as we announced in our new business plan, ‘The Arc’. Starting with new energy vehicles to be based on the concepts unveiled today, Nissan will build a balanced product portfolio of diverse and competitive new models. “

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The EVs unveiled at the show were the sedan type “Epoch Concept” and the multi-purpose sports vehicle (SUV) type “Epic Concept.” The former, Epoch, features a virtual personal assistant enhanced by AI, enabling more comfortable communication within the vehicle. The latter, Epic, is equipped with autonomous driving technology applicable to highways and general roads alike.

The two PHEV models are the SUV type “Ella Concept” and the sedan type “Evo Concept.” The former, Ella, is equipped with an electric four-wheel drive (4WD) system “e-4ORCE” and active air suspension, providing a comfortable and secure driving experience. The latter, Evo, features advanced driver-assistance systems and safety features. Like the Epoch, it includes a virtual personal assistant enhanced by AI.

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