Nightmarish Creature Found on Bolivar Peninsula Beach

April 18, 2023
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Source- Bolivar Beachcombers/

The Bolivar Beachcombers Facebook page is filled with strange and fascinating findings along the shores of the Bolivar Peninsula near Galveston Bay. Patricia Ducote posted a photo to the page of a strange discolored, gilled sea creature with rows of teeth.

Some Facebookers described the creature as “nightmare fuel” and “the stuff of nightmares.” Texas Parks & Wildlife believes the creature is most likely a large sport fish that someone probably caught and fileted.

The feathery parts of the creature are the gills, while the spikey bits in the top middle are pharyngeal teeth. Ducote asked her followers if they knew what the creature could be, resulting in some interesting and hilarious responses.

Some Facebook users guessed that the creature could be a poison jellyfish, sea urchin, and a scale worm. Lerrin Johnson of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department agreed that the creature was likely a large sport fish.

Johnson wrote that the feathery parts are the gills, which are attached to the bony gill arches, and the spikey bits in the top middle are the pharyngeal teeth. This is not the first unusual creature to wash up along the shoreline, as others have also been discovered in the past.

In January, a creepy-looking lifeless fish was found along the shores of Port Bolivar, which was likely a snapper eel.

Later that month, a similar-looking massive American eel was discovered on Mustang Island by a researcher from the University of Texas Marine Institute.

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