6-Foot Alligator Found at North Carolina Clothing Store Entrance: Police Called for Rescue

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Source- Sunset Beach Police Department/facebook.com

Officers from the Sunset Beach Police Department were called to Coastal Outfitters, one of the clothing stores in North Carolina. Apparently a 6-foot alligator was found at the store’s entrance and needed rescue and removal.

The reptile was hiding underneath a display of camping chairs near the customer entrance. The alligator was safely relocated to a nearby pond in Sunset Beach. Alligators are protected under North Carolina State Law and are dangerous animals.

The police department will only remove alligators if they pose a risk to public safety. Swamps, marshes, lakes, rivers, creeks, and ponds are the best suited for alligators. However, sometimes they find their way into populated areas.

Inside the water, American alligators can travel at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour. On average, American alligators grow up to 8.2 feet for females and 11.2 feet for males. Any alligator over 4 feet can pose a threat to people, pets, and property.

Alligator bites are a rare occurrence. Sometimes during breeding season, they bite, or even if they have been fed by humans before.

Feeding alligators teaches them that humans are sources of food and is prohibited in North Carolina. If you see an alligator potentially endangering humans or itself, you should always call in a professional.

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