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Nature Never Wastes. That’s Why I Reuse-  Calder Kamin, Waste To Art 

May 8, 2022
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Calder Kamin is a mission-driven teacher, activist and visual artist from Austin, Texas, whose astonishing and intricate sculptures. Vibrant and real, from a distance one might think genuine. Kamin utilizes craftsmanship to draw in kids and grown-ups to ponder her art pieces based on nature. She manages to send across an important message regarding the trash humans are adding to nature.

  • Kamin makes creatures out of used/waste materials. A professional at manipulating wastage into something useful for human kind, perhaps, art that can inspire many. It’s almost  
  • Calder utilises plastic packs, eggshells and jug covers and many more other used materials in her pieces. 
  • In her show Plastic Planet, Kamin presented artworks similar to taxidermy while making her capricious zoo of vivid creatures made of plastic. The unfavorable truth of the material utilised stands out emphatically from the beautiful and vibrant art pieces or perhaps creatures. 
  • One more intriguing fact, Kamin in her gradually evolving work has touched issues like drugs and illicit substances. She has also used ladies contraceptives in her art which are made of non-recyclable plastic. She changes them into frogs and shows them in assortments of 28 to address the cycle. 

Kamin’s inventive reused waste turned into artistic sculptures have hit the galleries across the states including The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art American,  The American Museum of Natural HistoryThe American Gallery of Regular History, The i.d.e.a. Museum, Galveston Arts Center. 

Plastic Planet was her independent show 2016 at Women & Their Work and it was supported by a Mid-America Arts Alliance Artistic Innovations Grant. She worked with Disney to create a portrait of Ariel on  the 30th Anniversary of the Little Mermaid. Her work was televised on the Disney channel to promote the idea of using trash to make art.

Her work has been published on many portals. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics and another bachelors in Art History from the Kansas City Art Institute.  She often conducts workshops especially for kids and students. The workshops are a bid to spread the idea of reuse and instill environmental sensitivity.

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