More Than 80 Boats Destroyed By Fire At Marbella Marina

January 13, 2023
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It is feared that a significant amount of money worth of vessels were ruined in the extensive fire, with British boat owners potentially among those who incurred losses, pending confirmation. An unverified local account stated that more than 100 boats, ranging between 20 and 40 feet in length, were present in the warehouse-like structure that caught fire at Marina Bay in Marbella. According to reliable sources, it is estimated that around 80 recreational boats were destroyed in the inferno fire that occurred on Wednesday.

As the night progressed, British boat owners communicated with each other on private WhatsApp groups and shared their anxieties. The emergency response team, including the police, firefighters, and ambulances, were dispatched to the location after the alarm was raised at 7pm at a warehouse located in La Bajadilla, a fishing port in Marbella, in proximity to the town center. The cause of the fire is still unclear.

The town’s mayoress Angeles Munoz added in a tweet: “I’m following the development of the situation after fire broke out at the Marina Marbella warehouse in the fishing port.

Access to the port was blocked off by the authorities, but many onlookers congregated as the inferno engulfed the building, which is owned by Marina Marbella, and is believed to have been utilized for boat storage and repairs. Marina Marbella, established by two Swedish sailors who initially established their boat business in Marbella but now operate in various countries, including the UK and Portugal, provides a variety of maintenance services such as dry docking and winterizing. They also offer additional services, such as renting boats and assisting clients with the acquisition and transportation of boats.

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