Mitsubishi’s D:X Concept: Japan’s Next-Gen Electric MPV Crossover Unveiled to Marvel!

October 26, 2023
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Mitsubishi D:X Concept

Tokyo, October 25, 2023 – The Land of the Rising Sun witnessed another dawn in automotive innovation at the Japan Mobility Show 2023. Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, with its deep-rooted Japanese craftsmanship, showcased the Mitsubishi D:X Concept, an electrified crossover MPV, and gave a sneak peek into the prototype of the all-new Triton pickup truck, gearing up for its launch in Japan by early 2024.

Takao Kato-san, the esteemed president and chief executive officer of Mitsubishi Motors, shared his insights, “The Mitsubishi D:X Concept is a concept car that brings together the best of Mitsubishi Motors’ technologies – our electrification and all-wheel control technologies in particular – with a view to realizing a carbon-neutral society. We will continue to provide fulfilling mobility lifestyles that awaken the adventurous spirit of drivers and provide excitement for everyone on board.”

D:X Concept: A Glimpse Beyond the Horizon

The Mitsubishi D:X Concept isn’t merely a vehicle; it’s a manifestation of Japan’s automotive spirit. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Delica, it fuses the roominess of an MPV with the robust stance of an SUV. This vehicle promises a dynamic driving experience, thanks to its PHEV system, positioning it as a trusty ally for diverse escapades.

Its design philosophy is a reflection of Japanese aesthetics. It encapsulates the essence of providing “Maximum Space and Safety for Humans, Maximum Off-Roader for Boundaryless Adventure.” This design ensures a spacious sanctuary while maintaining a protective shell, a nod to the legacy of the Delica. The evolved Dynamic Shield front face design integrates a shield that extends from the sides, reinforcing a sense of protection. The vehicle’s body color, a luxurious glamping-inspired copper, adds a touch of sophistication.

Inside, the D:X Concept boasts a spacious monobox interior, reminiscent of traditional Japanese minimalism. The panoramic seats, adjustable and rotatable, coupled with a see-through hood, offer an unparalleled driving experience. The voice-interactive AI concierge, a nod to Japan’s tech-forward approach, provides real-time guidance, ensuring a serene journey.

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All-New Triton: Where Tradition Meets Modernity

The all-new Triton is a reflection of Mitsubishi’s unwavering commitment to innovation, deeply rooted in Japanese values. It seamlessly marries the ruggedness of a pickup truck with the finesse of an SUV. The vehicle has undergone a meticulous revamp, emphasizing enhanced structural rigidity and weight optimization.

The Triton’s heart, a freshly crafted 2.4L clean diesel engine with a two-stage turbo system, promises efficient output, echoing Japan’s dedication to perfection. The vehicle also boasts a suite of driver assistance technologies, including Adaptive Cruise Control and Mitsubishi Connect, ensuring a harmonious journey.

The Triton’s design is both functional and majestic. The “Beast Mode” design concept exudes power and agility. The Dynamic Shield front face design, optimized for a pickup truck, radiates authority. The interior, designed with precision, emphasizes visibility and reliability, echoing the Japanese principle of ‘form follows function’.

Wrapping Up

Mitsubishi’s showcase at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 signifies more than new unveilings; it’s a testament to the future of mobility, deeply rooted in Japanese tradition and innovation. Both the D:X Concept and the all-new Triton are a testament to Mitsubishi’s vision of crafting vehicles that are technologically advanced and resonate with the aspirations of the modern-day samurai on wheels.

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