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July 15, 2022
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Human activity has caused systemic warming in the northeast part of the Pacific Ocean. Pool temperatures have seen a rise up to 3 degrees Celsius since 1996. This has resulted in heat waves that devastate aquatic wildlife and the ecology.

Riaan Naude, a 55-year-old animal trophy hunter from South Africa was shot dead near Kruger national park. Naude was infamous for killing endangered animals and posting their carcasses on social media.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has notified all airports across India regarding certain safety measures to be followed during monsoon. The letter referred to the increased wildlife activity in and around the country.

Floods wrecked Sydney as the climate crisis becomes normal for Australia’s most populous state. The greater Sydney area is home to 8.12 million people, almost a third of Australia’s entire population. This event has caused $4.8 billion in damage, making it the third worst disaster ever in Australia.

Italy has blamed Climate Change for the collapse of the Punta Rocca Glacier, its biggest Alpine Glacier. On July 4 2022, a huge chunk of the glacier broke loose, the incident resulted in death of 7 people and 14 people are still missing.

The Middle East has been crippled by sandstorms amid climate change and poor water usage.  Over the past 2 months Iraqis have been breathing and living in thick clouds of dust as almost 9  sandstorms lasting several days have hit the country, blanketing everything.

Researchers from Heinrich Heine University in Dusseldorf and Kiel University have used sea anemone to investigate whether Microbes support adaptation to climate change. The Microbes  assisted in the nutrient uptake and helped fight off pathogens as well as temperature changes.

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