Levante: Harnessing the Sun for the Adventurous Soul

In the pursuit of freedom and adventure, Sara Plaga and Kim-Joar Myklebus traded conventional life for the open road and vast oceans. Living aboard an RV and a sailboat, they recognized the need for an efficient, compact, and powerful energy solution to cater to their unique, mobile lifestyle. Levante, an innovative origami-style solar panel, is the fruit of their endeavor.

The Solar Solution to Nomadic Living

Traditional solar panels, while beneficial, presented limitations for the adventurous duo. Bulky, fixed installations were unsuitable for a transient lifestyle. This led to the creation of Levante – a compact, lightweight, and modular solar panel inspired by origami and the high-tech solar panels utilized in the aerospace industry.

Levante is designed to be folded and unfolded as needed, reducing its size by up to eight times when stowed away. This versatility doesn’t come at the cost of efficiency – when deployed, Levante delivers an impressive 500 watts of energy, making it the most powerful foldable solar panel in the market.

Striking the Balance: Power and Portability

Combining the high output of fixed panels with the flexibility of portable ones, Levante provides a solution tailored for the unique needs of nomadic living. From boats to RVs, Levante’s efficient design means it can easily be moved and adjusted to catch the sunlight, no matter the location or conditions. This adaptability comes in handy when venturing to remote locations or when dealing with limited space.

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Promoting Sustainable and Independent Living

Levante doesn’t only stand as a symbol of innovation in technology but also serves as an emblem of a movement towards sustainable living. The use of solar energy has become crucial in the face of environmental crises, and Levante is a testament to the potential of renewable energy.

Harnessing solar power is not just environmentally responsible but also promotes independence. With Levante, people can venture into the unknown without having to worry about power supply. Freedom and sustainability, the hallmarks of Levante, have the potential to reshape our concept of living.

Levante: The Icon of the Future

Levante is more than a product; it is a philosophy – a call to action to harness the power of the sun in our daily lives, in an efficient, practical, and adaptable way. Its success highlights the increasing public interest in and critical need for renewable energy solutions.

With a successful Kickstarter campaign and high anticipation for its release, Levante is set to sail into a bright future. Its innovative design and practical approach offer a glimpse into a world where sustainable living and the nomadic lifestyle go hand-in-hand. For those ready to join the sustainable revolution, Levante is a beacon lighting the way.

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Rahul, possessing a profound background in the creative industry, illuminates the unspoken, often confronting revelations and unpleasant subjects, navigating their complexities with a discerning eye. He perpetually questions, explores, and unveils the multifaceted impacts of change and transformation in our global landscape. As an experienced filmmaker and writer, he intricately delves into the realms of sustainability, design, flora and fauna, health, science and technology, mobility, and space, ceaselessly investigating the practical applications and transformative potentials of burgeoning developments.

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