Jungfrau & ABB: Pioneering Green Tourism in the Swiss Alps

September 21, 2023
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jungfraubahn abb branding
Jungfraubahn ABB Branding

The Jungfrau Region, with its awe-inspiring landscapes, has been drawing international tourists for over 160 years. It all began when Thomas Cook showcased this gem to English travelers back in 1863. Adding to its prestige, UNESCO gave a nod to the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch region in 2001, celebrating not just its scenic beauty but its significant influence on European arts and literature. Towering above, the Jungfrau massif, which includes the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau mountains, stands majestically at 13,642 feet. This natural marvel is connected by an intricate web of trains, gondolas, and hiking paths.

St. Moritz
St. Moritz

Nestled below is Grindelwald, a charming town with a population of just 4,000, yet it offers a staggering 8,000 hotel rooms. What’s more heartwarming is that 38 of its 40 hotels are still family-owned. For those seeking the pinnacle of experiences, the Jungfraujoch, dubbed the “Top of Europe,” is the highest point in Europe one can reach without any mountaineering skills.

ABB branded Rhaetian Railway train
ABB branded Rhaetian Railway train

ABB remains a significant player in the region’s success. Their partnership with Jungfrau Railways spans 110 years, focusing on energy-efficient transport solutions. The Jungfrau Railway, which began its journey in 1896 and was inaugurated in 1912, ferries passengers to Europe’s loftiest station, a marvel made possible by ABB’s groundbreaking technology. This railway, which welcomes a staggering million passengers annually, has been humming smoothly thanks to ABB’s innovations from the start. From converting downhill braking energy into electric power to ensuring operations even during heavy snowfall, ABB’s touch is everywhere.

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Urs Kessler, CEO of Jungfraubahnen, and Remo Lütolf, Managing Director of ABB Switzerland
Urs Kessler, CEO of Jungfraubahnen, and Remo Lütolf, Managing Director of ABB Switzerland, in front of the new ABB branded Jungfrau Railways train

Nature lovers are in for a treat with the Aletsch Glacier, the Alps’ most expansive glacier, holding a mind-boggling 10 billion tons of ice. For those seeking panoramic vistas, the Sphinx Observatory, perched high on the Jungfrau, offers unparalleled views. Adventure seekers can explore the Ice Palace, delve into adrenaline-packed activities at Grindelwald-First Top of Adventure, or zip down the First Flyer zipline.

Madrisa-Schaffürggli opening in December 2016
Madrisa-Schaffürggli opening in December 2016

The region’s commitment to sustainability is palpable. In 2015, the Jungfrau Railway hit a milestone with one million visitors, with a significant influx from Asia, especially China. The “Top of Europe” branding has positioned Jungfraujoch as a must-visit on every European traveler’s list. Along with the title came the essential responsibilities as role model. Jungfrau proudly states, “The Jungfrau Region is a model for sustainable tourism, balancing ecological concerns with the needs of the local community and visitors.” With over 125 miles of hiking trails and a deep commitment to green initiatives, the world has indeed taken notice.


Urs Kessler, CEO of Jungfraubahnen, emphasizes the role of ABB and asserts, “Our partnership with ABB has been instrumental in achieving our sustainability goals.” Remo Lütolf, Managing Director of ABB Switzerland, echoes this sentiment, highlighting ABB’s dedication to sustainable transport solutions. The region’s dedication to eco-friendly initiatives, combined with its breathtaking landscapes and rich history, makes it a practical choice for eco-travelers globally. As a representative from the region’s tourism board puts it, “Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do in the Jungfrau Region.” The collaboration with industry giants like ABB underscores the region’s commitment to a sustainable future.

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