Is Tesla Changing its Mind on Cybertruck’s Paint Options?

April 1, 2023
1 min read

Despite initial claims that the Tesla Cybertruck wouldn’t be available in various colours, new requirements on Tesla’s Careers website suggest that the company might have a change of plan. Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, had stated in the past that people who want different colors for their Cybertruck could simply wrap it in the color or design of their choice.

There were rumors that an extra fee would be charged to wrap the truck, but there was no confirmation on this. Recent Cybertruck-related job postings on Tesla’s Careers site for “painting” bring up questions about whether Cybertruck might be offered with different paint options.

While the Cybertruck is supposed to be finished in cold-rolled stainless steel, there are still plenty of parts of the vehicle that need to be painted, like the bumpers. Tesla is currently hiring a lot of people for a Cyber Truck paint shop at Gigafactory Texas.

The positions range from “Production Supervisor” to a number of engineers for “Manufacturing, Equipment, Automation, and Controls.” This development still doesn’t prove that the Cybertruck will be offered with paint colors, but it’s an interesting development nonetheless. Some people are speculating that Tesla is considering paint options for the Cybertruck to boost demand and cash flow, while others believe that it’s just for certain parts or a clear coat.

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