Hyundai’s Sky Revolution: eVTOLs Set to Transform Urban Airspace by 2028!

November 13, 2023
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Hyundai's Sky Revolution: eVTOLs Set to Transform Urban Airspace by 2028

Hyundai Motor Group is making waves in the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) space, showcasing their vision at the 2023 Bloomberg New Economy Forum. They’re not just talking about the future; they’re building it with their AAM company, Supernal. Here’s the lowdown on Hyundai’s high-flying plans.

Hyundai’s electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicles (eVTOLs) are set to revolutionize city travel. Think of them as electric air taxis, ready to hit the skies by 2028. These aren’t your average taxis, though. Each eVTOL can carry four passengers plus a pilot, designed to weave into existing transport systems. They’re not replacing buses or trains; they’re adding a new layer to urban mobility.

Jaiwon Shin, big boss of Hyundai’s AAM Division and CEO of Supernal, stresses the need for teamwork. “Integrating AAM into intermodal transportation will require significant collaboration,” he says. It’s all about working with cities, regulators, and locals to get this off the ground.

Hyundai’s not just building flying machines; they’re pioneering the tech that powers them. We’re talking solid-state batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, and autonomous driving tech. These innovations are crucial for safe, reliable, and green air taxis.

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With cities getting more crowded, Hyundai’s AAM is a breath of fresh air. It promises efficient routes within cities, access to hard-to-reach places, and smoother journeys. It’s all about tackling urban congestion and pollution head-on.

Supernal is blending Hyundai’s car-making expertise with aerospace standards to create something special. The goal? Make eVTOLs affordable and accessible. They’re rethinking aviation manufacturing to bring costs down.

Keep your eyes peeled for CES 2024, where Supernal will unveil its latest eVTOL concept. This is where we’ll see more of Hyundai’s AAM progress and plans.

Hyundai’s AAM vision is a game-changer for urban transport. It’s a mix of collaboration, cutting-edge tech, and smart manufacturing. With eVTOLs set to join city skies, Hyundai’s not just dreaming about the future; they’re flying towards it.

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