Humpback Whales Feed While Anchovies Flutter Away For Survival!

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When whales come out, It’s time to leave everything and look. And that’s all we’ve been doing since we saw this enthralling sight rendering the law of nature. @slatermoorephotography, managed by photographer/filmmaker, drone pilot, and captain, Slater Moore, from Monterey, CA has once again managed to bring the beauty of whales to film and to his audience all around the world.

These mesmerizingly beautiful humpback whales arch above the water to prey on little anchovies shooting out of the bottomless depth of the ocean. Who knew the act of predation can be so riveting yet so calming at the same time? But then again, that is what nature is – the perfect combination of order and chaos.

Riva Surana

Graduating Highschool, Riva is on her way to college to study Media. Besides reading and writing, she is into reading novels, social work and fashion.

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