HPCL Ramps Up India’s EV Game with Gogoro’s Battery Swap Stations

November 8, 2023
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Gogoro, a titan in the battery swap arena, has inked a deal with HPCL to electrify India’s roads. This pact will see Gogoro’s battery swapping stations peppered across HPCL’s vast network of fuel stations. It’s a game-changer for India’s electric two-wheeler scene, offering a quick battery change faster than a pit stop.

Battery swapping isn’t new, but it’s smart, and it’s the future. It’s like a relay race where the baton is an energy-packed battery, ready to go the distance. Gogoro’s CEO, Horace Luke, puts it plainly, “There is nowhere on earth that needs smart electric transportation more than India, and Gogoro is joining together with the Indian business community and national and local governments to deploy a battery swapping and electric vehicle ecosystem that is open, accessible and scalable.” 

HPCL’s Executive Director, DK Sharman, sees the partnership as a leap into the future, saying, “Gogoro has demonstrated its global leadership in battery swapping and electric two-wheel innovation and with nearly 500 million battery swaps to date has developed a platform we can embrace and emulate.”

Gogoro’s not just making waves; it’s making the news. MIT Technology Review’s ’15 Climate Tech Companies to Watch’ list has Gogoro’s name on it. They’re not just swapping batteries; they’re swapping out old ways for a greener planet.

With nearly 13,000 battery swapping stations and 400,000 daily swaps, Gogoro’s stats are impressive. They’ve turned the act of swapping a battery into a ballet of efficiency, saving over 750,000 tons of CO2. That’s no small feat.

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Gogoro’s looking forward, not back. They’re aware of the bumps in the road, like the pandemic and economic headwinds, but they’re not slowing down. They’re committed to bringing their sustainable mobility solutions to India’s bustling streets.

Battery swapping isn’t a 21st-century idea. It dates back to 1896, believe it or not. The Hartford Electric Light Company was doing it for electric trucks way back when. Fast forward to today, and Gogoro’s leading the charge with the largest network for electric mopeds, while Nio’s doing it for cars in China and Europe.

From Hartford’s early electric trucks to Nio’s sleek cars, battery swapping has had its share of the spotlight. Even Tesla gave it a go, albeit briefly. The idea has always been to keep EVs rolling without the long wait of recharging.

Here’s a stat to chew on: Gogoro’s network has more swapping stations than there are gas stations in Taiwan’s cities. That’s not just growth; that’s a revolution on wheels.

Gogoro’s partnership with HPCL is more than a business deal; it’s a strategic move that could charge up India’s EV ambitions. With a history of innovation and a clear vision for the future, Gogoro is steering the country towards a more sustainable path, one battery swap at a time.

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