Greening the Future: IIT Kharagpur’s Unseen Environmental Crusade Unveiled!

October 25, 2023
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IIT Kharagpur
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Under the banner of “Swachhta Hi Seva – Cleanliness Drive” and the Swachh Bharat Mission, IIT Kharagpur witnessed a significant environmental initiative. Spearheaded by the student bodies, Shaurya and the Technology Environment Society, a tree plantation drive was conducted across the campus. The drive, emphasizing the Green Revolution, involved planting saplings in strategic locations such as the Nalanda Complex, Mahatma Gandhi Stadium, and near various halls of residence and departments. This initiative not only promotes environmental conservation but also aims at a balanced ecological ecosystem.

Technology Environment Society – IIT Kharagpur

Cultural Roots and Environmental Consciousness

At DAV Model School, IIT Kharagpur, the importance of trees transcends environmental concerns, touching cultural and spiritual realms. A mega plantation drive marked the commencement of “Ved Prachar Saptah,” symbolizing the intrinsic relationship between humans and nature. The event saw the distribution of over 2000 saplings, including mango, palm, and lemon, emphasizing that trees, like children, need nurturing. This initiative, extending beyond mere plantation, aims to instill a sense of responsibility towards nature among students.

Technology Environment Society – IIT Kharagpur

Campus Biodiversity: A Blend of Flora and Community Efforts

IIT Kharagpur’s campus is a biodiversity hotspot, boasting an array of trees from Gulmohar and Neem to rare species like Nagchampa. Pavel Karmanov, an M.Sc. student from Russia, shares his fascination with the campus’s lush greenery, a sentiment echoed by many. However, the green landscape is not just for admiration. It plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy environment, providing fresh air, and contributing to mental well-being.

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Mrs. Barnali Chakrabarti, a botany enthusiast and the Director’s wife, notes the changing flora over the years. Her efforts, along with the horticulture department, have seen the planting of 3,000 trees, including unique species like Rudraksh. These initiatives are not confined to certain areas but are campus-wide, with halls of residence and various departments participating actively.

Technology Environment Society – IIT Kharagpur

Student-Driven Environmental Movements

Environmental consciousness among students is evident through programs like “Life under the Canopy” and “Pedal and Plant” rally. Organizations like Vision Probaho are making strides with events that combine environmental action with awareness, highlighting the urgent need for conservation and responsible practices.

Technology Environment Society – IIT Kharagpur

A Continuous Journey

These green initiatives at IIT Kharagpur represent more than ecological conservation. They portray the commitment to the community’s activities to safeguarding nature. As seasons change and trees continue their life cycle, the sustained efforts of individuals and groups ensure that the campus remains a haven for diverse species, contributing to a greener planet. The journey, though challenging, echoes a resolve to foster a harmonious coexistence with nature.

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