Gotion’s First Battery Product Launch in Göttingen Marks a New Era

September 30, 2023
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Gotion Inc.

In a significant stride for the electric vehicle (EV) sector, Gotion Germany Battery GmbH marked the inauguration of its first battery product in the academic hub of Göttingen, Germany, on September 16, 2023. The event, a landmark for Gotion’s European endeavors, was graced by Stephan Weil, Governor of Lower Saxony, and Cong Wu, Consul General of China in Hamburg, among other dignitaries.

The launch symbolizes a pivotal moment in the EV industry, showcasing Gotion’s commitment to fostering localized production and supply in Europe. The Göttingen factory, with its first automated battery pack production line, is a testament to the company’s ambition of embedding the “Made in Germany” ethos in its products. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) transported the inaugural battery pack, eliciting applause from the attendees.

A factory worker, Andreas, expressed his elation, stating, “I’m very lucky, it’s a very good moment in my life.” His sentiment resonated with the 200 colleagues present, reflecting a collective sense of achievement and anticipation for the future.

Ray Chen, Vice President of Gotion Global, highlighted the advanced automation level of the Göttingen factory, revealing that it stands at nearly 70%, and escalates to approximately 80% during the module assembly stage. The factory’s strategic importance was further emphasized by Steven Cai, Gotion’s CTO, who unveiled the company’s ambitious production capacity plan of 20GWh for the Göttingen factory, aiming for a staggering annual output value of EUR 2 billion once fully operational.

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Peter Willemsen, COO of Gotion Global, emphasized the significance of Sino-European cooperation in environmental endeavors, stating the mutual goal to “make Europe green again.” The factory is poised to cater to a burgeoning European market, with an expected supply commencement in October and a projected production capacity of 5GWh by mid-2024.

The product range from Gotion’s Göttingen factory is diverse, encompassing commercial vehicles, energy storage systems, and passenger vehicles. Moreover, the factory is slated to serve as a multifaceted hub for R&D, logistics, and after-sales service, underlining Gotion’s comprehensive approach to its European operations.

The event also witnessed Gotion High-tech entering into collaborative agreements with several global giants, including BASF China, ABB, Ebusco, and Ficosa. These partnerships are set to explore various domains such as battery materials, product development, and supply of automotive and energy storage products.

Li Zhen, Chairman of Gotion, in his opening speech, acknowledged the dedication and innovation of the factory’s workforce and expressed eagerness to work alongside European enterprises in reducing carbon emissions and stimulating the growth of new energy vehicles and industries.

Governor Stephan Weil, reflecting on the evolution of the automotive industry, remarked that while engines were pivotal for fuel vehicles in the past, the future sees batteries as the core components of electric vehicles. He recognized the strategic advantage of the Göttingen factory project, enabling Gotion to meet the diverse market demand for power battery products in the coming decades.

This development marks a critical juncture in the EV industry, with Gotion’s Göttingen factory embodying the fusion of technological innovation and environmental responsibility. The collaborative spirit witnessed at the launch, coupled with strategic partnerships and a forward-looking approach, positions Gotion as a significant player in the global EV landscape, contributing to a sustainable and green future.

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