Drive Further, Charge Faster: CATL’s Battery Magic Revealed!

August 20, 2023
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CATL Battery
CATL Battery

CATL has unveiled Shenxing, a groundbreaking 4C superfast charging LFP battery, setting a new standard in the EV battery industry. This innovative battery promises a remarkable 400 km driving range after just a 10-minute charge. Furthermore, a full charge can power an EV for over 700 km, addressing the prevalent fast charging anxiety among potential EV adopters. “Shenxing is expected to considerably alleviate fast charging anxiety for EV users, and opens up an era of EV superfast charging,” stated a CATL representative.

The battery’s design focuses on the core principles of electrochemistry, blending innovation in materials, system structure, and electrochemistry. A super electronic network made possible by the super electronic network cathode technology and nano crystallized LFP cathode material, accelerates the extraction of lithium ions. CATL’s second-generation fast ion ring technology modifies the graphite surface, enhancing lithium-ion intercalation rates. This technology not only increases intercalation channels but also reduces the distance for lithium ions, essentially creating a fast track for current conduction. The company has also introduced a novel superconducting electrolyte formula, which effectively diminishes the viscosity of the electrolyte, leading to better conductivity. An improved ultra-thin SEI film further reduces the resistance of lithium-ion movement, optimizing battery performance. “Our aim was to redefine the LFP battery, and with Shenxing, we believe we’ve achieved that,” commented Dr. Wu Kai, Chief Scientist of CATL.

In terms of safety, the Shenxing battery boasts dual protection, courtesy of an upgraded electrolyte and a separator with a highly safe coating. CATL’s intelligent algorithms regulate the temperature inside the cells, ensuring a high safety level, especially during rapid charging. A standout feature is Shenxing’s ability to charge efficiently even in colder temperatures; it can charge up to 80% in just 30 minutes at as low as -10°C. “Our vision for the future of EV battery technology is one that’s anchored at the global technology frontier and offers tangible economic benefits,” Dr. Wu Kai emphasized.

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CATL’s prowess in extreme manufacturing has enabled the swift transition of Shenxing from the lab to the market. Gao Huan, CTO of CATL’s China E-car Business, announced, “By the end of this year, we’ll achieve mass production of Shenxing, with EVs equipped with this battery hitting the market in the first quarter of next year.” This launch signifies a pivotal moment in EV battery technology, potentially hastening the global shift towards comprehensive e-mobility. “We hope Shenxing becomes a standard product for every electric vehicle, reflecting our continuous efforts to enhance technology and affordability,” Gao Huan shared.

Despite challenges like weakening demand and a competitive market, CATL remains committed to maintaining its industry leadership. Tesla, a major client of CATL, along with other automakers, is keenly watching the developments around Shenxing. CATL’s dedication to making advanced technology accessible for all is evident in their endeavors to promote the widespread adoption of such innovations. “Our goal is to let everyone savor the fruits of innovation,” Dr. Wu Kai remarked. The global energy transition stands to benefit immensely from CATL’s contributions, especially with the introduction of batteries like Shenxing. As the EV consumer base evolves from early adopters to the general public, CATL’s innovations are poised to play a significant role in this transition. “The launch of Shenxing is not just a milestone for us but for the entire EV battery industry,” stated a CATL spokesperson. With Shenxing, the future of electric vehicles looks brighter, faster, and more efficient than ever before.

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