Goldi Solar Elevates Hope with Rooftop Solar for Silkyara Tunnel Rescue Workers

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Tunnel Rescue Workers

In a commendable act of corporate social responsibility, Gujarat-based Goldi Solar has announced a significant initiative to support the families of the 41 workers who were tragically trapped in the Silkyara tunnel collapse in Uttarakhand, India. This initiative comes after a tense 17-day rescue operation that saw these workers finally brought to safety.

Goldi Solar, a prominent player in the solar energy sector, has pledged to install rooftop solar power systems at the residences of all 41 workers, an action that embodies both empathy and a commitment to sustainable energy solutions. This gesture is not just about providing renewable energy but also symbolizes hope and support for the affected families during a challenging time. Ishver Dholakiya, the Founder and Managing Director of Goldi Solar, emphasized the initiative’s role in empowering these families through sustainable energy, marking it as a step towards a brighter future for these communities.

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Headquartered in Surat, Gujarat, Goldi Solar is a key player in the solar energy industry, boasting two solar module/panel manufacturing plants with a total capacity of 3,000 megawatts (MW) located in the Pipodara and Navsari districts of Gujarat. The company is making significant strides in the sector, with plans to invest Rs 5,000 crore to double its module manufacturing capacity to 6,000 MW by 2026, alongside establishing a cell manufacturing unit.

Goldi Solar’s initiative aligns with its broader commitment to supporting underprivileged communities and enhancing their well-being. This approach is reflective of an increasing trend in the corporate sector, where businesses are recognizing the importance of social responsibility and the role they can play in fostering sustainable development and community support.

This act by Goldi Solar serves as a beacon of corporate empathy and responsibility, setting an example for others in the industry. It underscores the potential for companies to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by unforeseen disasters and highlights the growing importance of integrating sustainable energy solutions in such humanitarian efforts​​​​​​.

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