Genesis Wind Revolutionizes Israel’s Energy Scene!

October 17, 2023
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Genesis Wind Revolutionizes Israel's Energy Scene!
Heavy seas engulf the block island wind, farm, the first US offshore wind farm. image from Flickr

Hold onto your hats, green energy enthusiasts! Genesis Wind just kicked into gear, and it’s revving up Israel’s clean power scene big time. Enlight Renewable Energy, the powerhouse behind this mega project, flipped the switch, and boy, does it promise a gust of fresh, green air!

“Even with the chaos swirling around our nation, we’re not hitting the brakes,” says a determined Gilad Yaavetz, the big wheel at Enlight. It’s not just about keeping the turbines spinning; it’s about sticking to their guns when the going gets tough, showing the world that green is the goal, come rain or shine.

Here’s the scoop: Genesis Wind, backed by a cool US $340 million, is no small fry. Since its grid debut in June 2023, it started juicing up the country on October 13. But wait, there’s more! With 34 turbines live and five more gearing up, we’re talking about a whopping 207 MW capacity. That’s a whole lot of green mojo!

Sure, the tech specs are impressive, but Genesis Wind’s story is bigger than hardware. Picture this: revenues dancing around US $49-51 million and an EBITDA rocking between US $39-41 million in its freshman year. And Yaavetz isn’t shy about their ambitions: “This isn’t just a project; it’s the dream we’ve been working on, now roaring to life as Israel’s green energy titan.”

Get this: Genesis Wind isn’t just about lighting up homes. It’s set to be a climate crusader, powering roughly 70,000 homes a year and dodging a massive 180,000 tons of yearly CO2 emissions. This isn’t just power; it’s a green gauntlet thrown in the face of climate change.

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But hey, it’s not just about the here and now. The project saw a 27-kilometer cable snake its way underground, linking Golan Heights to the big grid. It’s part of Enlight’s savvy “Land and Expand” play, setting the stage for more green giants in the area. “Genesis Wind is just the beginning; we’ve got big plans up our sleeve for the region,” winks Yaavetz.

From its 2008 roots, Enlight has been surfing the renewable wave across the globe, making splashes from the US to Europe. And with their 2023 U.S. IPO making waves, they’re not just industry players; they’re shaping the game.

But let’s keep it real; the road ahead isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Their Form 6-K report gives us the lowdown on the bumps ahead, from red tape to Mother Nature’s mood swings. It’s a heads-up to everyone on board: strap in; it’s going to be an exhilarating ride.

So, what’s the big picture? Genesis Wind isn’t just a project; it’s a green revolution on the rise. Amidst the turmoil, it’s a bold shout-out to the world: Israel’s not just playing the renewable game; it’s in it to win it. And for the eco-fans out there, it’s your cue to cheer: the green future is happening, and it’s happening now!

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