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Exploring Nature in Silence & Emissions Free: The Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust’s Modified Rivian R1T for Anti-Poaching and Education

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Silent operation of electric trucks makes them ideal for exploring outdoors & caring for it. Rivian R1T pickups were custom-modified by Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust for safari duty.

The Rivian, after modification, has a right hand Drive & a safari canopy with four rows of seats. The modified Rivian can seat eight passengers, with excellent visibility in all directions.

The R1T electric drivetrain doesn’t drown out the sounds of nature or startle animals. The silent truck has dual or quad motor four-wheel drive for excellent ground clearance, suspension articulation, & traction. The Rivians are used by the Trust for anti-poaching operations, transporting firefighters & rangers, & local health & education programs.

A solar power array is used to charge the trucks, which work well all year around in Kenya. A brush guard up front & a spare tire mounted to the tailgate  are the features of the truck. The bed’s functionality is removed by the extra seats, but the R1T still maintains the use of its rear doors.

The photos of the Rivian might be based on one of the four originally sent to the Trust in October 2022.  The silent R1T is a zero-emissions, open-air safari vehicle. The electric drivetrain of the R1T doesn’t startle animals or drown out the sounds of nature.

The truck has two extra rows of seating compared to sock, totaling 8 seats in all. It’s a vital maintenance vehicle for the Trust & can handle any terrain. The trucks of the Trust are charged by a solar power array that works well all year round in Kenya.

The modified roof & half-windshield of the R1T make it look like a jumbo- sized golf cart. A series of R1S SUVs are planned by the Trust to add to its fleet.

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