Nature’s Masterpiece: Witnessing the Northern Lights at White Park Bay, A Hidden Gem in North Ireland.

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David Stanley (CC BY 2.0)

A tucked in sweeping, glorious sandy beach is White Park Bay of the small village of Ballintoy, North Ireland. If lucky you can catch the Northern Lights arriving in the coast at the far distance.
The long windblown beach makes up for a great walk across the white sands. A beautiful panoramic view with the Rathlin island in distance can be seen.

You can get to see the cows on the beach gloriously chewing on seaweeds. Well they also like the beach and are part of social media. The walk in the glorious sunset is like a painting of many colors and wondering how nature painted it. Most rugged rock called the elephant rock ,is chiseled by nature to look like an elephant. The very familiar beach changes its look with overnight snow on it. Water Park Bay is also known as the “Port of Salmon” as thousands of salmon return to this bay every year.

Tucked at the end of White Park Bay is the beautiful little Portbradden Harbor. From April to September the dunes and grassland are home to several butterflies and a sight to see. So it is also known as a place of “Singing Sands”. Summer night camps place is what this glorious beach is for beach-campers with the dunes around. The dunes are also home to many wild orchids like the colorful Pyramidal, the Bee Orchid and the Frog Orchid.

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