Exploring Acadia National Park: Best Sights and Activities You Should Know

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Acadia National Park is situated in Maine & is a stunning escapade for travelers who love water. The incredible coves and tidal spots are home to a diverse variety of wildlife, making it a go-to location for nature enthusiasts. Bass Harbor Lighthouse is one of the must-visit spots in Acadia. The lighthouse is situated near the southwestern part of Mount Desert Island and is easier to visit. Other unmissable areas are the evergreen forests, rocky coasts, and other hidden landscapes. The park has many sightseeing spots that are worth exploring like Thunder Hole, which is a unique spot where the rocks and water meet to create an audio blast zone.

Acadia’s few beaches are worth visiting. Sand Beach, the closest beach from Bar Harbor, might be the best beach in Acadia. One can relax along the beach or venture hiking on the Ocean Path, which begins from Sand Beach. Somes Sound Beaches are perfect for adventure like kayaking or mooring a boat, and there are other beach access spots for experiencing the beauty too. Seawall Beach is gravely and is a great place to explore, with an accessible parking area and a picnic spot available for visitors. Hunters Beach is more of a rockier cove than a beach, but it’s a great place to spot hermit crabs and see some small tidepools.

The rocks and tidepools are also excellent spots to visit and make up for a great activity to do at Acadia National Park. The tidepools here may not be as strong as in the rest of the places like in the Pacific Northwest or San Diego, but they are still very cool and worth exploring.

The Thunder Hole as mentioned before, is another unique spot where you can engage and get down to water level and hear the water crashing into a hollow, creating a sound blast. Lesser busy tidepools in areas like Bar Island, Wonderland or Ship Harbor, and Schoodic Peninsula are also great to explore for some laid back time.

If you plan to visit Acadia National Park, make some time to explore these top sightseeing spots. You can always drive through 15 national parks using a specific route. Check the Bass Harbor Lighthouse using best path you can & if that takes you to the keepers quarters and light tower, then nothing like it.

For the best view of the Bass Harbor Lighthouse that you see in prints, go to the east end of the parking area, follow the trail into the woods, and carefully climb down some rocks towards the water (safety first). This particular short hike will bring you to an spot from where you have the epic view of the lighthouse.

Acadia National Park is an amazing destination for not just who love the water and wildlife but also for those who would like some time off.

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