Experience the Breathtaking Majesty of the American West with Rocky Mountaineer

June 4, 2023
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The Rocky Mountaineer train offers a unique way to see the great American West and its stunning scenery. The Rockies to the Red Rocks railroad experience takes passengers through the Rockies and showcases the beauty of the West. Pulled by powerful locomotives, the train chugs up the mountains, passes through tunnels, and follows the Colorado River.

Travelers onboard the train enjoy extraordinary landscapes, including canyons, deserts, natural archways, and hoodoos. The journey can be started in either Denver, Colorado, or Moab, Utah, offering different perspectives and experiences. Moab is a gateway to national parks and offers various outdoor activities like hiking and rafting. Passengers can admire the view through the train’s large picture windows as the journey takes place entirely in daylight.

The SilverLeaf Plus service offers a premium experience with access to lounge cars and a selection of local wines and spirits. GoldLeaf service, available on Canadian journeys, provides a double-decker car experience with fine dining and glass-domed observation cars. The GoldLeaf train cars feature modern amenities like heated leather seats and advanced controls for passenger comfort.

Each passenger car accommodates up to 52 passengers and is typically served by three hosts, one of whom provides informative commentary. The journey showcases the history of the area, including tales of polygamy, train robbers, and notable landmarks. Passengers have the opportunity to see wildlife and experience the cinematic quality of the Western scenery.

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The Rocky Mountaineer does not offer Wi-Fi or internet access, allowing passengers to disconnect and focus on the views. The travel season for the Rocky Mountaineer runs from April to October, ending due to diminishing daylight. The train offers an upscale alternative to standard passenger trains, providing a luxurious rail experience.

Hosts push bar carts down the aisle, offering culinary choices and ensuring passenger comfort. The food and beverage program onboard the Rocky Mountaineer features multi-course meals and unlimited beverages. Meals are served at the seat on tray tables with white linens and elegant flatware.

Passengers enjoy an overnight stay in Glenwood Springs, known for its hot springs and the largest hot spring pool. Tunnels were built to make the route possible, including the 6.2-mile-long Moffett tunnel. The Rocky Mountaineer has a long history in the passenger train business, with notable milestones and records.

The company operates three passenger services in Canada, offering breathtaking journeys through the Canadian Rockies. The U.S. service was planned and researched before the pandemic, with Union Pacific as a key partner. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Rocky Mountaineer successfully launched the Red Rocks to the Rockies route in 2021.

The train attracts a variety of clients, including couples, families, and connected groups, as well as business and corporate groups. The lounge cars offer a convivial atmosphere, with a full bar service and opportunities for socializing and relaxation. The dining experience onboard the Rocky Mountaineer is a highlight, offering a different caliber of service and the opportunity to enjoy local pastries and desserts.

The train’s success has led to plans for an even more successful season in 2023. The Rocky Mountaineer provides a unique and memorable way to explore the stunning landscapes of North America. Passengers can immerse themselves in the beauty of the American West without the hassle of driving or dealing with crowds.

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