Electreon Debuts Israel’s First Wireless E-Bus Charging Terminal: A Glimpse into Future Urban Transit

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Electreon Unveils the World's First Commercial Wireless Charging Terminal for Buses in Israel
Electreon Unveils the World's First Commercial Wireless Charging Terminal for Buses in Israel

Electreon, a leader in wireless charging solutions for electric vehicles, has achieved a significant milestone by completing the world’s first commercial wireless charging terminal for electric buses. This pioneering project, located in Rosh HaAyin, Israel, is a collaboration with Electra Afikim, a major Israeli public transportation operator. The terminal offers around-the-clock wireless charging for e-buses in parking bays, employing a distributed energy model.

Oren Ezer, CEO of Electreon, highlights the project’s importance: “We are pleased to introduce to the world the first wireless charging terminal of this kind here in Israel, enabling efficient, cost-effective, and space-saving wireless charging for public transit buses in a busy urban zone.”

This project isn’t just about installing charging pads; it’s a comprehensive approach involving electrical infrastructure, civil engineering, and advanced charging software for fleet management. Electreon’s role extended from initial planning to final execution, ensuring a seamless integration of technology and infrastructure.

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The project’s technical aspects are impressive. Electreon partnered with bus manufacturers HIGER, Ankai, and Sunwin, integrating its charging technology into their e-buses. Notably, HIGER and Ankai received the EU’s WVTA approval for their vehicles equipped with Electreon’s technology, marking a significant step towards making this charging solution a standard in the automotive industry.

Financially, the project stands at approximately 5.8 million ILS (around 1.6 million USD) for 2023, covering software services, operations, and maintenance. Electra Afikim, serving 51 million passengers annually across 500 bus lines, sees this technology as a step forward in sustainable transportation.

The project’s inauguration was marked by supportive statements from key figures. Tal Cohen, CEO of Electra Afikim, and Shalom Ben Moshe, Mayor of Rosh HaAyin, both emphasized the environmental benefits and the potential for widespread adoption of such technology.

Electreon’s impact extends beyond this project. Recently, the company was chosen for a wireless Electric Road project near Paris, France, and set a global industry standard with its wireless alignment methodology. Moreover, in Michigan, USA, Electreon unveiled the nation’s first public EV-charging roadway.

Electreon’s technology aligns with global sustainability goals by reducing reliance on large batteries and lowering EV ownership costs. This approach not only addresses range anxiety but also promotes a more sustainable and efficient form of EV charging. Electreon’s projects in eight countries, involving over 100 partners, demonstrate the viability and increasing acceptance of this technology in transforming the electric mobility landscape.

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