Eco-Friendly, Powerful, Iconic: Meet Renault’s All-New Trafic Van E-Tech Electric!

September 16, 2023
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Renault's Trafic

Since 1980, over 2.4 million professionals have placed their trust in the Renault Trafic, making it a bestseller in its segment. The all-new Trafic Van E-Tech electric is the latest addition to Renault’s all-electric LCV lineup, joining the ranks of the Renault Kangoo Van E-Tech electric and Master E-Tech electric. Renault’s electric LCVs, including the Trafic Van E-Tech, maintain the strengths of their ICE counterparts, ensuring high performance and diverse customization options.

The Trafic Van E-Tech electric has built upon the legacy of its predecessors, which have been iconic in the market for over 40 years. Ranking as the third most sold LCV in Europe, the Trafic Van’s success is undeniable.

Renault's Trafic

Customers can choose from two lengths (5.08 meters and 5.48 meters) and two heights (1.967 meters and 2.498 meters) for the Trafic Van E-Tech electric. The van offers a load space ranging from 5.8 cu. meters to 8.9 cu. meters. The L2 extended version boasts an impressive load length of up to 4.15 meters, thanks to the trap door in the partition.

With a towing capacity of up to 750 kg and a payload capacity of 1.1 tonnes, the Trafic Van E-Tech electric is designed for heavy-duty tasks. The cab’s storage space totals 88 liters, with various compartments including a 6.6-liter Easylife drawer. Renault introduced the concept of a “mobile office” with the Trafic Van, where the middle seat can be folded down to serve as a desk or meal table.

Renault's Trafic

Powered by a 52 kWh lithium-ion battery, the Trafic Van E-Tech electric can cover distances up to 297 km between charges. Renault assures customers with an 8-year or 160,000 km warranty on the batteries. If the battery’s health drops below 70% of its nominal level during the warranty period, Renault promises a free replacement. The electric van is driven by a 90 kW (122 hp) motor, delivering 245 Nm of torque instantly, ensuring a smooth driving experience.

An Eco mode is available to optimize the vehicle’s range, and a ‘long range’ version limited to 90 km/h extends the range to 322 km. The Trafic Van E-Tech electric incorporates an Adaptative Regenerative Brake System (ARBS) to maximize energy recovery during braking.

Charging options are diverse, with a single-phase 7 kW AC charger for home use, a 22 kW AC fast charger for public stations, and a 50 kW DC fast charger set to be available next year. The MyRenault smartphone app and Renault Easy Link multimedia system offer services like scheduled battery charging, remote battery monitoring, and route-specific charging points.

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Customers can expect the order book for the L2 version to open in October, with deliveries starting in November. Orders for the L1 version will commence in November, with deliveries slated for December.

Renault’s decision to manufacture the Trafic at Sandouville dates back to 2010, with an investment of €230 million. Since production began in 2014, approximately 600 Renault Trafic vans are produced daily at Sandouville. Sandouville’s plant exports about 75% of its vehicles. The plant is gearing up to launch the Trafic E-Tech 100% electric this year. Sandouville’s 1,677 employees also produce vehicles for Nissan and Renault Trucks. The plant achieved ISO 50001 certification in February 2023, highlighting its commitment to energy transition and decarbonization.

Renault's Trafic

Components like the motor and chargers for the Trafic Van E-Tech Electric are manufactured at Renault’s plant in Cléon, Normandy. The battery assembly takes place at Flins, while Gretz-Armainvilliers handles vehicle electrification.

The upcoming Trafic Van E-Tech Electric is the first electric model of the best-selling Renault Trafic Van in the UK. The electric van boasts the same features, diversity, and customization options as its ICE counterpart. Since its inception in 1980, more than 2.2 million units of the Trafic Van have been sold in over 50 countries. The Trafic Van E-Tech Electric continues to offer best-in-class storage options, load length, and customization possibilities.

Renault's Trafic

Detailed specifications and pricing for the UK market will be announced closer to the launch date. “The Trafic Van E-Tech electric is a testament to Renault’s commitment to sustainable mobility,” said a spokesperson from Renault. “Our goal is to provide professionals with efficient, eco-friendly transportation solutions without compromising on performance.”

Renault’s vision for a greener future is evident in their expanding electric vehicle lineup. The Trafic Van E-Tech electric is not just a vehicle; it’s a statement of Renault’s dedication to innovation and sustainability. As the world shifts towards electric mobility, Renault is at the forefront, leading the way with vehicles like the Trafic Van E-Tech electric.”

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