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  1. ‘Fast Ice’ Off The Coast Of Australia Is Causing A Drop In Adélie Penguin Populations. According to a study in the journal Global Change Biology, the decline in Adélie populations occurred at the same time that ‘fast ice levels rose. Fast ice in Antarctica has generally decreased, however scientists have highlighted that there is regional variability, with losses detected in some locations and rises in others.
  2. Ski lift in the French Alps was removed due to lack of snow. The ski lift at Saint-Firmin, a small French Alpine community, has been taken down. Due to a lack of snowfall, the ski lift that was initially constructed in 1964 has remained inactive for many years. 2008 was the year of its most recent performance.
  3. On 22nd November The city of canals, Venice, lifted its protective floodgates to fend off the torrential rains that have caused an additional 1.7 metres of rain. Many areas in the city faced water logging and citizens witnessed surreal scenes suggesting the effects of climate change. 
  4. After breaking into the runways on Thursday, climate activists briefly shut down Berlin Brandenburg Airport, according to an airport spokesman. ​​The campaigners urge the government and citizens to quit using airplanes for travel. They also encouraged the administration to increase the availability of cheap train travel.
  5. In an effort to increase public awareness of the carbon footprint that major Sports events leave behind, a 30-year-old Frenchman is completing 100 marathons in as many days. Nicholas. His 42.2 kilometre (26.2 mile) marathon course is meant to mimic a heart on a map of France.

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