Discover NIO ET9: The Latest Synthesis of Style and EV Technology

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NIO Day 2023 Held in Xi'an, Smart Electric Executive Flagship ET9 Unveiled
NIO Day 2023 Held in Xi'an, Smart Electric Executive Flagship ET9 Unveiled. Photo Source: Nio

NIO Day 2023, held in Xi’an, was a pivotal moment for NIO and the EV industry, marking the debut of the NIO ET9. This smart electric executive flagship is tailored for the new generation of high-end business users, setting a new standard in the luxury EV market.

The ET9 showcases a sleek, contemporary design with a spacious interior, including the innovative “Sky Island” and “Executive Bridge”. The car’s dimensions are 5,325mm in length, 2,016mm in width, 1,620mm in height, and a 3,250mm wheelbase, offering ample cabin space and comfort. It features a four-seat layout with a 360-degree versatile tray table in the rear, 24 patented technologies for the first-class rear seats, and electric sunshades for added privacy​​​​.

Technologically, the ET9 is a marvel. It integrates over 100 NIO full-stack technologies, including 17 world-first and 52 leading technologies, supported by 525 patents. A highlight is the SkyRide Intelligent Chassis System, which is a combination of steer-by-wire, rear-wheel steering, and full active suspension. This system promises a smooth driving experience, akin to traveling on a flat surface​​.

NIO ET9 is equipped with China’s first Full-Domain 900V Architecture, boasting a peak voltage of 925V, a charging peak power of 600kW, and a charging peak current of 765A. This enables ultra-fast charging capabilities, with a 255km range extension possible with just a 5-minute charge. The ET9 also features a self-developed intelligent system with NIO’s super computing platform, Adam 2.0, supporting various computing functions. Additionally, it includes NIO’s first 5nm automotive-grade chip for autonomous driving, the NX9031​​​​.

Safety is paramount in the ET9, which boasts a torsional stiffness of 52,600Nm/deg and adheres to aviation-grade safety standards. It features redundancy in seven key systems, including driving, braking, sensing, computing, communication, and power distribution, setting a new safety benchmark for executive flagships​​.

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The ET9 incorporates NIO’s in-house developed 46105-type cylindrical lithium-ion battery cells, offering a cell-level energy density of 292 watt-hours per kilogram (Wh/kg). This allows for impressive charging efficiency, with a range of 255 kilometers achievable after just five minutes of charging at a 5C rate​​.

Additionally, NIO launched the fourth-generation NIO Power Swap Stations (PSS 4.0) and the 640kW Liquid Cooled Power Charger. PSS 4.0, compatible with multiple brands, reduces swapping time by 22% and is equipped with rooftop photovoltaic systems for energy efficiency. In 2024, NIO plans to build 1000 Power Swap Stations and 20,000 chargers, enhancing the charging experience for users​​​​.

NIO’s commitment to sustainability and community engagement was also evident. Sales from the user marketplace at the event, featuring 75 stalls run by NIO users, were donated to Xi’an Charity Association, with NIO matching the donations. NIO also announced a collaboration with the China Charity Federation to launch the NIO Climate Action initiative​​.

William Li, NIO’s founder, chairman, and CEO, emphasized the company’s values, ambition, and responsibility, highlighting that the NIO ET9 represents NIO’s determination and confidence in leading the premium smart EV market and offering high-quality products and services​​.

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