Capturing Fleeting Moments In Nature – Cassie Jensen

April 22, 2022
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Natural beauty on our earth includes landscapes, oceans, forests, aquatic and wildlife creatures, birds etc. And the new best way to admire it is through photographs or videos. Nature photography is taken outdoors and devoted to display natural beauty  be it  close-ups of natural scenes and texture, elements such as landscapes, wildlife, plants etc. Photographs are the eyes to the unseen world.

Cassie Jensen is one of those people who help us witness and admire nature closely. Cassie is a passionate ocean advocate and underwater photographer making a difference with her unique artworks. She aims to inspire others, bring awareness and foster ocean conservation. Her words were – “I took my first underwater photograph three years ago, and each time I slip into the beautiful blue hues, I learn something new. My passion for the underwater world has taken me to the most exquisite landscapes and I have experienced extraordinary things. I strive to use my imagery to promote conservative mindset through education. The health of the ocean and its inhabitants is essential to this planet. Please enjoy taking a dip into the stunning world below the waves with me.”

She has photographed many underwater species including Whales, Dolphins and innumerable marine animals. Cassie is not only a photographer but she is even a guide to many beginners who make their way into the world of underwater photography through her tutorials. Her tutorials are the learning lessons for those who want to capture the beautiful nature through their camera lens. This is not only helpful for the newbies but also heart-robbing for nature lovers.

Her tutorials include a wide range of answers to the question one must know like when to shoot, what to shoot, where to shoot, how to shoot, what tools are required, what are the precautions one must take, which cameras should get etc.

Tonga Trip – Swim With Whales Tour:

Tonga is one of the few places in the world where you can take a dip with whales. In her tutorial she has even mentioned the reason why Tonga is suitable for underwater shooting. “The Kingdom of Tonga is a group of islands located in the South Pacific. Humpbacks migrate to the calm, warm waters for breeding and calving all the way from Antarctica!”

She has solved queries for the newbies in her tutorial by adding her instances from her own journey: the number of people and the boats, where to stay, cost per person and the services it includes and the services it does not, how to reach there, costumes to wear on the boat and in water, their experiences on their special day.

Bimini Trip – Swim With The Dolphin Expedition:

Bimini is a destination to swim with wild Atlantic spotted dolphins, wild bottlenose dolphins, wild southern stingrays, and to explore the Sapona shipwreck, and swim with wild reef sharks. Cassie has mentioned why she chose Bimini as a shooting destination for Dolphins.

Bimini is made up of two beautiful islands in the Bahamas, only 50 miles east of South Florida, which makes it very easy to get to. Bimini is a nursery for an abundance of different animals, bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins, southern stingrays, many different species of fish, reef, nurse and lemon sharks (and other types of sharks are more prevalent during the winter season).

She has solved queries for the newbies in her tutorial by referring to her own journey: How many people and the required boats, suitable accommodation, cost per person and the services it includes and the services it does not, how to reach there, costumes to wear on the boat and in water, which cameras to use and where to get them, their experiences on their special day.

Shrinanda Kothari

Shrinanda Kothari
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