BYD Electrifies Busworld 2023 with Innovative eBus Launch!

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The all-new BYD’s 12-metre eBus with Blade Battery Chassis

At Busworld 2023 in Brussels, BYD stole the spotlight with the launch of two innovative eBuses, shaking up urban transit norms. The 40-foot B12 eBus isn’t just another bus; it’s a leap in chassis tech, integrating the Blade Battery right into its skeleton. This isn’t just about packing more juice; it’s a big deal for safety and space, crucial for those packed city routes. And with a 500kWh capacity, this eBus isn’t stopping anytime soon.

But wait, there’s more! The 45-foot BYD-UNVI DD13 is a double-decker dream, born from a partnership with coach expert UNVI. It’s not just the extra view; this electric coach is customizable and decked out with ADAS for a safer ride. Imagine cruising between cities on this green machine!

The pure-electric BYD-UNVI DD13 intercity double-decker

Revving Up the eBus Revolution

Javier Contijoch, a key player in BYD Europe’s eBus sales, couldn’t hide his excitement: “This event is huge for us! We’re rolling out the B12 and its Blade Battery Chassis, and it’s not just a new bus; it’s a safer, greener way to drive. And teaming up with UNVI? Game-changer! We’re bringing custom eBus solutions into the spotlight.” This isn’t just talk; BYD’s been leading the electric bus game for over a decade.

The pure-electric BYD-UNVI DD13 intercity double-decker

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BYD’s Electric Journey: Beyond the Buzz

Here’s a throwback: BYD was the first to roll out electric buses commercially in 2011. Fast forward, and they’re not just leading the pack; they’re defining it. We’re talking about a green fleet of over 4,200 eBuses across Europe, saving a whopping 290,000 tons of CO2 emissions. That’s not just good vibes; that’s breathable air!

In 2022, BYD’s sales hit overdrive with 1.86 million NEVs sold, making them the global top-dog in NEV sales. And with their tech in over 70 countries, this isn’t a trend; it’s a transportation transformation.

The pure-electric BYD-UNVI DD13 intercity double-decker

The Road Ahead: Green, But with Caution

But let’s hit the brakes for a reality check. Urban spaces need efficient, clean transit yesterday. BYD’s pushing boundaries, but they’ve got to prove their tech can handle the real-world grind, not just the showroom shine. Costs, accessibility, and adapting to different cityscapes? These challenges aren’t going anywhere. So, while we cheer for these electric marvels, let’s remember the ride ahead needs more than cutting-edge tech; it needs a map that includes everyone.

The pure-electric BYD-UNVI DD13 intercity double-decker

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