Arctic Heating, UK’s New Energy Security Bill, Mass Extinction – Weekly News

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  • The Arctic is heating up 4 times faster than global norms. This could have major influences on the world’s climate and weather. It poses a risk to sea levels. According to reports, the melting has increased over the last 50 years, only four out of 39 models of climate have been found.
  • A new Energy security bill has been introduced in the parliament of the UK. The main agenda of the bill is to find out new nuclear, solar and hydrogen energy sources while supporting the current domestic oil and gas. It will encourage investment in green technologies, especially in the UK
  • The record increase in carbon dioxide was noted in the month of May. It is approximately 50% higher now. The concentrations of carbon emissions are more by 36.3 billion tons currently.
  • Million species across the globe are believed to be extinct. According to the IPBES report, many living species are interdependent on each other. Few of the main reasons behind the extinction currently are deforestation due to agriculture, logging, mining, pollution and climate change. Other reasons include illegal trade in wild species, species harvesting.

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