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Alicia Silverstone Strips Down for PETA’s Vegan Leather Campaign

January 9, 2023
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Alicia Silverstone strips down for a billboard in New York City to promote the use of vegan leather alternatives as part of a campaign with the animal rights organization PETA. The 46-year-old actor, who is a vegan, is depicted wearing nothing but vegan cowboy boots in a cactus field, with the message “Don’t be a prick. Wear vegan” and encouraging the use of alternative leather made from cactus, mushroom, and apple. Despite her long career in the entertainment industry, Silverstone has never appeared nude on screen, but her ethical beliefs prompted her to participate in this campaign against animal leather. She previously participated in a similar campaign against wool.

In a video interview, Alicia Silverstone stated that she has never appeared naked in any form of media but made an exception for PETA as she feels strongly about their cause. She says that if it takes her getting naked to raise awareness and concern for animals, she is willing to do so. The actor also emphasizes the significant environmental impact of conventional leather production, stating that the planet can no longer sustain it.

Source – PETA

According to PETA, the production of animal leather results in nearly ten times the environmental impact compared to plant-based alternatives due to increased emissions, energy consumption, and water pollution. The organization utilized Alicia Silverstone’s naked image for a billboard in New York City’s Times Square, as well as for smaller advertisements. PETA is known for securing the support of famous individuals for their campaigns, and numerous celebrities, such as Pamela Anderson, Eva Mendes, and Olivia Munn, have posed naked for the organization in the past. The organization’s “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign, which ran for thirty years after its launch in 1990, has been discontinued due to declining fur sales and decreasing popularity of the material, leading to a widespread drop in its use by designers.

During its heyday, the “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign was supported by high-profile celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, Kim Basinger, Steve-O, and Gillian Anderson. PETA’s current focus is on creating similar awareness about the inhumane practices involved in leather and wool production. Mimi Bekhechi, the Vice President for PETA UK, Europe, and Australia, has previously stated that with the decline of fur, the organization will increase its efforts to shed light on the cruel leather and wool industries.

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