Africa’s Fading Glaciers, COP27 In Egypt, Delhi’s Notorious Air Pollution & More – Weekly News

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  1. Sameh Shoukry, COP27 President Designate & Foreign Minister of Egypt says: COP 27 creates a unique opportunity for the world to come together, mend multilateralism, rebuild trust & unite at the highest political levels to address climate change.
  2. In approving GM crops, a data -backed process will help resolve doubts. The environmentalists  feel that using technology to modernise agriculture is crucial, but this must be guided by a scientific & transparent process.
  3. Climate change (CC)is more than a science  problem. It reflects our true values. The way we treat each other & the planet will have enormous consequences for all. That is why CC is so much more than just a science problem.
  4. Owing to pollution, all the primary schools are closed in Delhi. 50% of Govt employees will work from home, while private firms are asked to opt for WFH. Stubble burning is one of the reasons for poor air quality in Delhi.
  5. Africa’s last glaciers which lie in Kilimanjaro might vanish by 2050 says UN. Like most of the glaciers around the world, even the African glaciers are threatened due to climate change and riding temperatures. Experts believe the glaciers will fade away despite immediate actions being taken.
  6. A German Delegation visits India to study climate change and explore solutions. The delegation is mainly made up of German parliamentarians. 
  7. UNDP report suggests that Climate change is worse than cancer in some places. Mortality is on rise in the vulnerable areas with mortality rates higher than other health reasons.

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