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Activists Smear Cake On King Charles Wax Statue

October 28, 2022
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This time King Charles’s statue was used for bringing attention to the climate crisis by the activists in the UK. The Activists from the group Just Stop Oil held their provocative protest in Madame Tussaud Museum. After buying tickets to Madame Tussauds, around 10.30 the two Just Stop Oil supporters crossed over and smeared King Charles’s Statue with chocolate cake.

This act was a symbolic statement following reports about King Charles canceling his plans to attend COP27 to deliver his speech. Reportedly Liz Truss had advised King Charles to call off his visit.

Swift action was taken after the protest, authorities detained the activists for raising their concerns regarding the vulnerable climate situation.

After smearing cake on the statue Just Stop Oil supporters, Eilidh McFadden 20 from Glasgow and Tom Johnson 29, from Sunderland made the following statement:

“We are here because we seek to protect our freedoms and rights, because we seek to protect this green and pleasant land which is the inheritance of us all. Last year at COP 26 in Glasgow Queen Elizabeth said [2]: “The time for words has moved to the time for action!”

Her successor King Charles III – on the continued heating of our world has said [3]: “We are feeling the effects of all of this now, and disasters are increasing with terrifying frequency and intensity, and causing unprecedented levels of physical and economic damage.”

“no nation, no region and no population will be inured from the impacts of food, water and energy insecurity, and the resulting economic and political insecurity that arise from our seeming utter determination quite literally to test this planet to destruction”

“In every sector of the economy there are solutions available now”

“For the past, what,  40-50 years I have been driven by an overwhelming desire not, to be confronted by my grandchildren – or yours, Ladies and Gentlemen, whom I mind about equally as much – demanding to know why I didn’t do anything to prevent them being bequeathed a poisoned and destroyed planet.  Now, of course, we are indeed being confronted by these very children, demanding immediate action and not just words.”

“The science is clear. The demand is simple: just stop new oil and gas. It’s a piece of cake”

Just Stop Oil has been in the news recently for spraying paint on many govt. Institutions and private establishments. They also got attention when their activists hurled soup over Van Gogh’s painting. They call themselves “a coalition of groups working together to demand that the government immediately halt all future licensing and consents for the exploration, development and production of fossil fuels in the UK.”

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