A Portable Water & Wind Turbine – Water Lily

October 11, 2022
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Waterlily was conceived and produced in Canada by Seaformatics Systems Inc. Researchers have been studying subsea power collection devices for the past 10 years now and have developed water lily products. Water lily is a green energy turbine that allows users to harvest clean, sustainable energy from their natural surroundings with zero impact on the local environment. On average, Waterlily users harvest enough energy to displace 1 million AA batteries every 2 days, and 180 million AA batteries each year. Waterlily is a small water and wind turbine that delivers off-grid electricity to individuals in need.

Waterlily products aid hikers and travellers to get energy anywhere. Some of the waterlily’s customers say that the product size and durability of the product has made them fond of the brand. More individuals than ever are storing emergency preparation kits to safeguard themselves and their families from possible dangers in a world after the Russian- Ukraine where natural catastrophes and political upheaval are common.

For the past few years, the governments of Canada and the United States have placed a strong emphasis on emergency preparedness, but recent surveys from Canada and the US Census Bureau show that only a small percentage of the population is adequately prepared in the event of a long-term emergency and waterlily products assist people to deal with any kind of energy crisis. Waterlily’s products vary from solar panels, wind power to hand crank equipping a person to deal with any kind of catastrophe.

In today’s time when our daily lifestyle is heavily dependent on energy waterlily as a company can really help us to become independent energy consumers. Start-ups like waterlily have changed the lens that a consumer uses to look at on energy sector. We as a market need to make our choices more sustainable and any company like waterlily can help us make our future better, we just need to choose sustainability over easy availability.

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