A Heartbreaking Instance, Orangutan Fights A Bulldozer

This heartbreaking scene was captured on camera in 2018 around West Kalimantan, Indonesia, where a construction crew demolished parts of the Sungai Putri Forest, Bornean orangutan habitat which is critically endangered.

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A Heartbreaking Instance Orangutan Fights A Bulldozer
Photo - International Animal Rescue

This heartbreaking scene unfolded in 2018 in West Kalimantan, Indonesia, as a construction crew demolished parts of the critically endangered Sungai Putri Forest, a habitat for Bornean orangutans.

International Animal Rescue was on the scene and managed to save an orangutan, relocating it to a safe and protected area of the forest. The desperate actions of the orangutan vividly illustrate the dire situation these animals face due to human activity.

International Animal Rescue posted this video on Facebook on World Environment Day 2018, highlighting the urgent need to protect the habitats of orangutans.

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